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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  June 9, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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. >> breaking news. san pablo where father dead and 3 children are no where to be found tonight. amber alert has been issued. police believe the kids were kidnapped by their own mother. good evening everyone. dan has the night off. >> her are the children again. 12-year-old huing oshtion 6-year-old mary and 3-year-old jen and this is their mother 35-year-old miss ortez. 7 news reporter lillian kim jones us live from the san pablo police department right now with the very latest on the search for the children. lillian? >>reporter: san pablo police say they exhausted all lead and need the public help. they say the children were taken from their home at around 11:30 last night. 35-year-old 0miss ortez
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not seep since the father of 3 children found shot to death in front of the san pablo home. now amber alert for 12-year-old hugo and 6-year-old mary and all 3 lived with their father but sense death nowhere to be found. police suspect the mother is responsible for their disappearance. >> we don't know why this individual was murdered. there were supposed to be children at the house not there and the mother is gone. obviously somewhat suspicious. >>reporter: neighbors identify the father as oscar he and the kids moved into the neighborhood few month ago and described as friend lyman devoted to his children. >> seemed like really niece da dad. he was always with his kids playing. bringing them food. like he was always nice. >>reporter: police not aware of history of violence between the mother and father. neighbors not aware of any either but the daughter mentioned the visits were limited.
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>> she had a restriction towards them and only see them wherever i guess the father would let her see them. >> or tests 5 feet 5 inches tall and 160 pounds. police say if you see her or her 3 children call them. this is abc 7 news. >> tell reporting continues writ now on twitter. 24 7 follow us at 7 news bay year. other bracking news. scare tonight for bart passengers. rider tweeted these pictures you can see smoke that appears to be coming from inside that train. bart says there was no fire on the dublin pleasanton taken but mechanical he shall created the smoke. happened at the west oakland bart station 9:30 and led to some delay but service back on schedule. >> more breaking news for the second time today. child has been shot in oakland. most recent happened about an hour ago on 83 right near g street. police say child and woman were hit by gunfire. rush to the hospital police not announced their condition yet. nobody
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arrested. >> earlier today sky 7 hd. shows us emergency workers responding to shooting injured another child in oakland. police say the 3-year-old boy was grazed in the foot happened around 5:30 this eveningwoundedo be okay. there were reports that the ac transit bus seen here also hit but nobody on board was injured there. >> san francisco police are investigating a tragedy. statue fell on to toddler killings him on friday. they were visiting fisherman wharf with the family from utah. he climbed on top 6 foot tall statue and fell on top of the little boy. rushed to the hospital where he died. family said today they are thankful for san francisco first responders who tried to save his life. >> services there wereen credible. that's something that the family has commented time and time again how amazing not only the community here of course but everybody helped
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over in san francisco and they just keep commenting that the hospital and the police department and how amazing everybody was to come to their aid. >>reporter: store was cited by the port of san francisco because the statue violated code by sitting on the sidewalk. we have a link at our web site. where you can donate to the parents. goal was 10,000 dollars. fund already reached more than 1 16,000. more breaking news on a busy monday night. grass fire that is burning on mount hamilton. live picture i know it's murky hard to see there but you can see it from one of the 2 tower cam are. crew on the scene of the fire located near 3 springs road and mount hamilton road in san jose. no word yet on how large the fire may. it was a scorcher today for many parts of the bay area. relief could be right around the corner. at least we hope. here's exploring camera sandhya here now with details on today record setting high. >> we had 2 record for the day.
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let me show you live doppler 7hd toasty inland no. doubt about it. fog is back at the coast and even pushing in over parts of the bay. those are the areas that cooled off today. you can see there clearly but we did get up to record high of 105 in livermor livermore. that is at the claim at site tied the record set back in 1918. ukiah shattered record at 103 degre degrees. it was hot in fairfieldment 104. antioch 103. 88 san jose. 74 oakland. 69 san francisco. got up into the mid 90's around san rafael. santa rosa. 59 in half moon bay. you waiting for the cooling to reach you. view from the sutro tower cam are. this is what is going to help bring the relief along with the sea breeze back to let you know when you will feel it. larry. >> soon we hope. soon sandhya. >> water officials from across northern california are demanding action from lawmakers to help alleviate the state receive drought. north state water alliance pushing for
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state wide solution that increases ground water storage and flexibility in managing water during these dry times. it seems we are not conserving enough record from the bay area water agency show us that water use annual here in san jose is actually up 3 to 4 percent from the previous year. come on san jose. down 8% in san francisco. east bay mud reporting an 11 percent drop. target state wide is 20 percent reduction. >> tomorrow hillary clinton memoir hit the store shelves. tonight the former secretary of state opened up to diane sawyer and an exclusive one-on-one interview and nothing, nothing was off the table including her husband bill's former mistress monica lewinsky. >> would i wish her wechlt i hope she is able to think about her future and construct a life she finds meaning and satisfaction in. >>reporter: mrs. clinton also talked about women rights. benghazi attack and suffering
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concussion also the controversial quote about coming out of the white house broke. if you missed the interview with diane sawyer watch the entire thing tonight on "nightline"right after "jimmy kimmel live". >> oakland mayor kwan denies she was talking on cell phone when she was involved in a car crash over the wean. nobody seriously hurt. accident that occurred at market and 26 street around 5:30 yesterday. some witness say that kwan was on her cell phone ran a red late. new witness came forward today insisting kwan was not on her phone. mayor addressed cushion saying she is not sure if she run a red light. >> i don't believe so but we let the police investigation confirm or not confirm that. >> she drove right past me. she was driving and just barack obama like. that from her sid side. she was going through yellow light. >> the mayor kwan convict of running a red light in another incident back in february. she claims it was for not stopping completely on right turn. just
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days ago pictures surface of kwan using her cell phone highly whined the wheel on 2 separate occasions. >> for more than 50 years east bay kids have worn this union form as they race across the field. now that league is facing its toughest challenge yet. raise 15,000 dollars by september or next season is in serious jeopardy. 7 news reporter tiffany wilson has the story l. >> under the shade of giant maple this little league team suffered a loss ending a season overshadowed by trouble. that means mariah must leave left field. >> i love it a lot. >>reporter: she's part of 17 league in need of 15,000 dollars. money to cover field maintenance, trophy and they look sponsor and support needed to continue. >> it's a matter of not just money but people involved and leadership. >>reporter: her husband helps
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coach. her son rudy plays first. >> it's the best league i have played for. >>reporter: at 11 years old he shook hands and didn't let the tears spill over. his team ran that trouble during one inning. the leg got hit with petty cash theft, broken plumbing and cancelled concession. tournament loss neens is the last huddle up of the season but they are determined this will not be the last hults as tree view league. concerned mop set up donation pay him on facebook. >> 50 cents. >>reporter: other parents bought tickets. the coach is confident the community can raise the money by september. >> far from being done. we have too many people in the community to let tree view die. >>reporter: team work on and off the field n.san lorenzo, abc 7 news. >> the hope they get it done. wildly popular book now hollywood blockbuster next on 7 news, real life story of one
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girl that inspired the first surprise hit of the summer. >> plus forget crashing on couches. now air bb wants to you sit down for meal with strangers. why the new program has some local health officials concerned. >> hidden cash revealed. man hyped the money and plans to expand. but first, here's jimmy kimmel. >> sampling of the nonsense in store for you tonight. when i hear about the things you are doing and i see how rugged you are and how many, it always makes me feel bad about myself. makes me feel bad about myself.
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>> hotel wad learned this weekend never underestimate the power of good book. love story not action pack sci-fi movie blockbuster earning 48 million dollars at the box office. john donovan tells because a message that may live forever. >> inspiration sold out the theatre this weekend. girl in the movie. >> why are you staring at me. >> because you are beautiful. >> hazel who laughed and loved and lived with cancer. >> diagnosed when i was 13. >> your real story. >>reporter: came from john green best seller fault in our stars with own inspiration. someone named ester earl who was not hazel because ester was real. she was a little girl in the 1990's. and then she grew. and then she got sick with cancer. >> more shape to it. >> she met john green already a famous author an she was a fan. >> she was an amazing kid. empathetic and thoughtful. very funny.
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>>reporter: he says it was that spirit in ester to inspire him to invent hazel and full life and know it might not happen. what do you say to that. the video made her a minor celebrity on line. >> tell not always on and not always strong and not always great. you should know that. >> john says that the short life can be a good life. meaningful life. absolutely right. >> it was short. ester died almost 4 years ago at 16. never seeing what she inspired this. >> fell in love with the way you fell asleep. >> move ooh, her moov mom said she would have loved this kid this young woman didn't get to good past young. abc news washington. >> touching. >> well forget slipping on stranger couches. air b and b wants to take it one step further. web site is quietly rolling out new feature that allow host to invite travelers over for home cooked wheel.
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air bb isn't saying much about this yet releasing a statement that reads always experimenting with new which to create meaningful experience. member great forum tour chef but san francisco health officials are not nearly as exited. they say the service is not only troubl troublesome but could be out right illegal. >> now real life tower of terror. man recovering tonight after a horrifying moment in a runaway elevator. happened in chile. 31-year-old jose can be seen getting into the elevator right away it malfunction and begins to rise before the doors have even closed. el have itor starts soaring up first floor all the way to the 31st floor and moving at 50 miles an hour. he could be seen pushing button trying do anything to get to it stop. it did. partially. 15 seconds later. it crashed writ into the roof. he suffered serious injuries but is expected to be okay. >> hidden cash game started in the bay area now going global.
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jason the the millionaire behind the cash game talked to anderson cooper on cnn and plans to take his social experience to chicago and new york this weekend and then other parts of the world in the following weeks. he also talked about his favorite hidden cash moment so far. >> has to be the 14-year-old girl that actually was in burbank but a little over 200 dollars. she was in tears of joy and she said she is sending the money to her grandmother in mexico. that was so moving. many of us would consider relatively small amount to this girl it meant the world. >>reporter: he says he's hidden nearly 15,000 dollars since he began with hidden cas cash. >> speaking of hundreds and hundreds everywhere. sandhya joins us now. we are not talking cash. we are talking temperature sandhya. that's right. triple digit showing up in our inland valley today. those numbers really soar this afternoon. we get relief tomorrow in our inland
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community. here's signs on live doppler 7hd fog back along the coast and starting to push towards the bay already and visibility has lowered to about half nile half machine bay. this is what you are going to have to watch out for first thing in the morning. good thing is with the sea breasts coming in and the fog temperatures compared to 24 hours ago they are down 6 agrees cooler in san jose. napa down 2. oakland 8 agrees cooler in santa rosa. 7 degree drop in livermore so better sleeping weather tonight. here's what is bringing the cooling. fog bridge hardly visible there. be careful in the morning. 58 san francisco. 61 in oakland rate now. 66 san jose. currently mid 50's in half machine bay and here's live picture from the emeryville camera looking out to the bay. things okay right four but the have you might be murky tomorrow morning. up 50's. close to 70's still in fairfeld and concord and still warm in livermore 73 degrees but well above 100 degrees this afternoon. hanging on to the
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heat. east bay hills camera. cool shot to the blink lights at sutro tower. fog around. that fog is pretty compressed only 1400 feet is it's going to the coast, bay overnight tonight. cooling spreads inland tomorrow and a little bit warmer bit end of the week. we are watching for this fog over san francisco right now and cooler weather is coming for tomorrow not just inland. look at the temperature drops. 95 in santa rosa. down 10 degrees. 85. fairfield out of the triple digit down to 90 exploratorium oakland minor temperature drop there. livermore you will feel the difference when you go from 105 to 90 degrees. 15 agrees consolidator did you know 13 redwood city. san jose come down 5 degrees. here's is what bringing the cooling area of low pressure getting close to the coast and so it's weak low but brings stronger sea breeze and will push the fog over the bay so by morning some of our bay side community also have to deal with the fog which means the ferry rid could be on the
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gray side. tomorrow morning starting out with 50's mainly. few 50's around this area. if i were you i would give yourself a little more time to get to work orchids off to ask because the fog may slow you down. 83 san jose. 87 los gatos. 91 santa clare. on the peninsula 75 san mateo o. millbrae. up to 61 in half man basement sunset district 66 downtown san francisco. north pay 60's coast side with the fog. 85 santa rose 78 in san rafael out to the east bay mid 70's newark san leandro inland spots still warm. 87 inp can cord 90 in fairfield. accu-weather sov day forecast temperatures out of the 90's on wednesday back didn't to the mid 80's lower 80's by thursda thursday. keep dropping the numbers only to recover over the weekend. but i believe larry likes it sizzling just tanning weather. sitting out in the sun. this may not be your weak. >> 84 is fine for tanning weather. i didn't need it to
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be 100. >> debit. >> 84 would be just finance thanks. rick is hear with look at sports tonight. not too many nut. >> talking about cooling off that's exactly what happens. rare off night for the team best record in baseball both monday blue. pass passion is.
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>> with the best regard in the major the giants have the knack all season long for finding a way to win. but that was not the case tonight against washington. we take you out to at&t where this baby was ready to play. unfortunately the giants were not. ryan struggled from the start in the first jason worth put them on top with the drive over the head of tyler. then in the third desmond drives in two with the bases loaded single. desmond had 3 hits and 5 rbi. steven went 7 innings allowing 1 run striking out 7 washington
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put the game away with 5 run 7th inning over the head of brandon hick. washington wins going away then-two snapping the giants 5 game win streak. oakland opened a 3 game series in anaheim. bloop to left field. the score 1 nothing athletic. >> angels answer in the third. make trout with the long fly ball to center cocoa crisp make a great leaping catch but still good for sacrifice fly. tag up in the fifth and off chavez fan interfere with the ball so instead of 2 run homer it's a ground rule double. angels go on to win and trail the a's by just 3 and a half games. >> still to come. l.a. trying to take commanding league in the stanley cup finals kings goalie quick had all the right goalie quick had all the right moves
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after of time to win the first 2 gyms of the stanley cup finals the kings and goalie made quick work of the rangers in game 3. back on home ice no help for new york. and second left in the first period, l.a. carter beat lund quist to make it 1 nothing. that would be the only goal the kings would need as quick stop all 32 shot shots. second shut out of the post season. great save here. jake added some insurance on the second period with 6 goal of the play off. kings blank the rangers 3 nothing. they can capture the stanley cup on wednesday. knicks fired fisher as new head coach and get 5 year deal worth 25 million dollars. during the 18 year career he won 5 title with the lakers then coach by knicks
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president jackson. nba finals resume in miami. watch the action on 7 start thing at 6:00 o'clock. swing man an cray will join larry in the studio for the post game show. the she smart. >> should be a fun guest. >> most articulate one on the show. show. >> we'll be right back.


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